We specialise in removals and deliveries for all kinds of commercial businesses. Regardless of the size of the job, we’re happy to take it on.

Our main headquarters are based in Mitcham, Surrey, but we provide our services throughout the entirety of the UK. Our removal and delivery services also include international jobs, helping companies transport their goods to different countries.

Here is a breakdown of the services that we most commonly perform for our clientele:

Bulk packing and storage: Peter’s Carriage can also provide assistance if your business is going through a lengthy transitional period. Our packing and storage services allow you to move your products or assets somewhere else while you vacate the premises and organise a new location for your items

Comprehensive removals: If your business needs to move to a different location and requires every asset to be transported as well, then we can help. Our removal services can make sure that everything you need at your new location will be delivered safely with zero damage in transit, regardless of the number of items

International delivery and removals: Our drivers can transport goods to anywhere within the UK, as well as other countries too. We offer our services for those who are moving to an international location too

Courier and delivery services: We also provide help with smaller jobs, providing businesses with a quick and highly secure courier service for single items

These are just a few of the services we provide. We pride ourselves on working closely with each and every one of our clients to help make moving to a different location as quick and easy as possible. We’ll listen to your specific needs and provide removal and delivery solutions that suit them, at a competitive price.

For more information about our delivery services, or to get a quick quote for your business, call us on 0208 1448818 or call our mobile number on 07956 938866. You can also email us at info@peterscarriage.co.uk.

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